20 May 2007

Jean Dubuffet

Picturi: Scénique triplex, 1982 Lever de lune aux fantômes, 1951 Scultupri:

Le Cosmorama IV, 1970 Jardin d'hiver

Epoxy resin with polyurethane paints,5 x 10 x 6 m,realized in 1969-1970 after a 1968 model. The first important enlargement made by Jean Dubuffet (for his own use) was conserved by the artist under an inflatable structure close to his studios in Périgny-sur-Yerres before being acquired by the state in 1973 with the view to install it definitively in the future George Pompidou Centre. Groupe de quatre arbres Epoxy resin with polyurethane paints, H.12 mètres realized in 1972 after a 1970 model.Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York (USA). This monumental group was an order from the banker David Rockefeller who wanted to erect one of the artist's sculptures in front of the Chase Manhattan Bank's new offices, New York (architect: Gordon Bunshaft). It was the first order for a monumental sculpture made by Jean Dubuffet which he carried out in his Périgny-sur-Yerres studios recently put into usage. Antichambre de la villa Falbala

(porte ouverte sur le cabinet logologique)

époxy peint au polyuréthane - 572x152x610cm, 1974

Cabinet logologique, 1967-1969

Closerie Falbala

Epoxy resin and concrete with polyurethane paints, Surface area 1610 m2, highest point 8 m, built between 1971 and 1973 (and altered in 1976), Jean Dubuffet Foundation, Périgny-sur-Yerres, Val-de-Marne (France).

In the centre of the Closerie Falbala, a simulacrum of a walled garden, stands the Villa Falbala built by Jean Dubuffet to protect the Cabinet Logologique (1967-1969).

Le Boqueteau

epoxy resin with polyurethane paints, H. 9 m

Made in 1988 after a 1969 model.