07 September 2007

Cel mai important eveniment din ultimii 10 ani

In 1996 la nivel global 42% din oameni lucrau in agricultura, 21% in industrie, 37% in servicii. In 2006 procentajele din agricultura si servicii s-au inversat: 36% agricultura, 22% industrie, 42% servicii. Pentru prima oara in istoria lumii majoritatea oamenilor nu mai lucreaza in agricultura. Este interesant si faptul ca tranzitia nu a avut loc crescand numarul celor care lucreaza in industrie, ci a crescut direct numarul celor care ofera servicii.
To me this stuck out as the news of the day. This is a huge milestone. In the west we’re accustomed to the farming sector being 4-6% or so, but that certainly has not been true in most of the word. You might think the industrial revolution was a long time ago, but the reality is that farming has remained the center of the overall human condition. Until sometime in these past few years, that is. And thus passes a tremendous milestone in the history of our species. Farming, invented around 8000 BC, quickly dominated human activity and has continued to for some 10,000 years. And we even find that the agriculture->industry->services transition doesn’t hold up globally. The industry segment simply isn’t big enough, so increasingly workers go directly from farming to services.
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