12 April 2008

Cum functioneaza masina de propaganda chineza

Cum ii faci pe oameni sa creada ce vrei tu cand toata lumea stie ca minti? Asta e dilema pe care trebuie sa o rezolve masinaria de propaganda a Chinei. The Economist analizeaza felul in care adreseaza ei dilema:
  • citeaza selectiv presa occidentala (daca si ei ne vorbesc de bine precis e adevarat),
  • la care adauga minciuni sfruntate (e.g. "Local people in London strongly opposed the attempt to sabotage the Torch Relay. And the behavior of "pro-Tibet independence" activists has aroused resentment and received condemnation in London.")
  • plus o doza serioasa de nationalism care trezeste sentimentul tribal pana si al celor care in mod normal sunt critici fata de regim.
It was very striking, during my time in China, that when it came to domestic scandals: a state-owned mine poisoning a village, say, or corruption among top officials, Chinese students or middle class urbanites would seek out news from foreign outlets, trusting foreigners to tell the truth before their own state media. But once a story became international, and involved China's role in the world, the same people became intensely tribal, choosing to disbelieve the BBC or CNN and give credit even to state run publications that they normally despised.
Acesta e motivul pentru care olimpiada si marsul tortei prin toata lumea este un succes propagandistic pentru guvernul Chinei in ciuda - si chiar multumita - protestatarilor care merg pe urma tortei.