09 April 2008

Trei povestiri de Roberto Quaglia

Scrise impreuna cu Ian Watson. The Mass Extinction of My Beloved
My Beloved was Brigitte Bardot — one of five hundred Brigitte Bardots, but very special to me. Due to her iconic importance, firstly as a sex symbol, and secondly as a crusader for animal rights (including insect rights), the World Wildlife Fund sensibly cloned BB as their special agent and representative. That was with her permission, of course — she was eager to help. Obviously five hundred Brigitte Bardots could assist animals (and insects) more than one now-elderly Brigitte could. To begin with, the clones were all twenty-five years old. Every country in the world received its own Brigitte. Big countries such as Brazil or Russia received four or five Brigittes. Their duties: to observe and protect and intervene in animal welfare. They were allowed to use violence if necessary, or seduction. They were licensed to kill, or to love. [Continuare]
Beloved Vampire of the Blood Comet
Nowadays aristocratic vampires hang out far away from Transylvania, which is only for tourists. Aristo-vamps live in posh places such as Antibes and Baden-Baden or Venice, and they bank in Switzerland. Incidentally, they only bank money and gold and jewels, never blood. Plenty of blood-banks exist, but after a few months bottled blood isn’t at its best – and supposing interest was paid on a blood deposit, would this come from the veins of shareholders? Blood must continue circulating, otherwise it loses value. A few hundred years ago Transylvania was the cutting-edge place to be, as my beloved vampire explained to me. His name was Silviu Romanescu. [Continuare]
The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved
Yukio was only a salaryman, not a company boss, but for years he'd yearned to taste whale clitoris sashimi. Regular whalemeat sashimi was quite expensive, but Yukio would need to work for a hundred years to afford whale clitoris sashimi, the most expensive status symbol in Japan. Much of Yukio's knowledge of the world came from manga comic books or from anime movies which he watched on his phone while commuting for three hours every day. He treasured the image of a beautiful young ama diving woman standing on the bow of a whaling boat clad in a semi-transparent white costume and holding sparklingly aloft the special clitoridectomy knife. [Continuare]