11 October 2008

Cum determini ce e "drept"?

Jayson Virissimo:
"How do we determine which rules are 'just' without looking at outcomes?" -Michael Drake

How do you determine what is "just" by looking at outcomes? If my roommate and I have the same job and make equal pay but over the years he invests his savings and I spend it on partying every weekend, would it be unjust that he can retire early and I must remain working until I am very old? Should his savings be divided up between us so I can retire earlier? How differences come about seems more important when determining justice than simply looking at the outcomes.
Just sau injust depinde de daca ai respectat sau nu anumite reguli. Daca ai jucat conform "regulilor jocului" atunci rezultatul ar trebui sa conteze ca just indiferent daca ai devenit putred de bogat sau ultimul sarantoc. In acelasi timp asta relativizeaza problema dreptatii pentru ca regulile se schimba si s-au schimbat de-a lungul timpului. Mai poate pretinde atunci etica vreo forma de obictivitate?