11 September 2009

Cum aratau papusile Neolitice (acum ~9000 de ani)



Initial, in anii 1960, s-a crezut ca sculpturile ar fi reprezentari ale “zeitei mama”, insa acum pare mult mai probabil ca teoria “zeitei mama” e mai degraba un mit hippiot/feminist :) Mai putin de 5% dintre figurinele descoperite in Catalhoyuk, Turcia (una dintre locatiile cele mai bogate in asemenea sculpturi) sunt femei, iar figurinele au fost gasite in zona cu gunoaie a satului si nu in zonele in care erau executate ritualurile religioase.

Archaeologist  Prof Lynn Meskell, of Stanford University, said: "The majority are cattle or sheep and goats. They could be representatives of animals they were dealing with - and they could have been teaching aides. All were found in the trash - and they were not in niches or platforms or placed in burials."

Out of the 2,000 figurines dug up at the site, less than five per cent are female, she told the British science Festival in Surrey University, Guildford.

"These are things that were made and used on a daily basis," she said. "People carried them around and discarded them."