21 November 2009

Computerele au inceput sa inteleaga ce spunem


Speedi.ly takes a piece of content, or grabs the content from a URL, and analyzes it. It does this very fast and it outputs some key data. Speedi.ly tells you the language of the content, categorizes it (topics, keywords), and additional metadata. … Here’s what Speedi.ly returns for this story we wrote on the Skype/eBay sale:


Speedi.ly successfully categorizes the story as about technology. Not bad for on the fly and human-free categorization. You’ll see the field for entities as well, which is currently blank. Speedi.ly will soon turn that on as well.

Acum mai trebuie si un algoritm de inventare de categorii, nu doar de categorisire corecta a continutului.

Alte doua exemple: