28 February 2010

Ruben Brulat – Primates & Immaculate

despre Ruben Brulat:

"Ruben Brulat bought his first camera just two years ago. But in spite of this relatively late start, something just clicked. ‘I discovered my real passion, and I have not stopped since. I went out all night long, experimenting. I needed to do it – it quickly became something vital for me and I could not stop taking photographs.’

For Brulat, photography is about capturing humanity … ‘I want to understand why people groups and societies behave the way they do.

What shocked me with Immaculate was that this neighbourhood lived just for a system, and when at night there is no one to activate that system, it dies. There is absolutely no love, no happiness, no sadness. Just nothing.

I am fascinated by places where the beauty of human beings has gone.’

Metoda stiintifica pentru a intelege ceva e sa vezi ce se intampla cand dispare, si respectiv cand il pui acolo unde nu e. Pozele astea (autoportrete ale lui Brulat) par ca folosesc exact metoda stiintifica pentru a intelege umanitatea. Immaculate iti arata mediul urban in absenta oamenilor (doar cu “cadavrul” lui Brulat sau cu Brulat ramas ultimul om), iar in Primates Brulat este adaugat intr-un mediu natural virgin.


rebirth 03RB20090916002_1K24_1_1024 Immaculate immaculate 06RB20090916003_1K24_2_1024 07RB20090928006_1K24_1_1024 08RB20090916005_1K24_1_1024


01_RB200911214061_1_1024 02_RB20090816004_1_1024 03_RB20090818009_1_1024 04_RB20090817007_1_1024 08_RB200911213951_2_1024

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9000 - You

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10 February 2010

Setul Mandelbrot zoomat de 10^214 ori

Tot filmul de mai jos e inclus in formula "z(n+1) = z(n)^2 + p", cu z si p numere complexe. Un punct p = (x,y) din grafic e negru daca recurenta plecand de la z(0) = 0 tinde la zero - adica z(infinit) = 0; un punct e colorat daca recurenta tinde la infinit, culoarea indicand cat de repede merge z spre infinit. Graficul obtinut nu are nici o continuitate, motiv pentru care oricat de mult e zoomat se obtin detalii suplimentare. Cu exceptia unor puncte speciale din grafic, procesul de zoomare nu aduce din nou si din nou aceeasi imagine, ci aduce imagini perpetuu diferite (chiar daca uneori seamana intre ele). Ceea ce e spectaculos e ca toata aceasta creativitate literalmente infinita se gaseste intr-o formula matematica atat de simpla.

Despre film:

The final magnification is 10^214. Want some perspective? A magnification of 10^12 would increase the size of a particle to the same as the Earth’s orbit! 10^21 would make a particle look the same size as the Milky Way and 10^42 would be equal to the universe. This zoom smashes all of them all away. If you were "actually" traveling into the fractal your speed would be faster than the speed of light.

You might like to know that this animation took me about two days to set up. My computer then rendered day and night non-stop for just over a month to produce the animation.

Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e214 HD from teamfresh on Vimeo.