28 February 2010

Ruben Brulat – Primates & Immaculate

despre Ruben Brulat:

"Ruben Brulat bought his first camera just two years ago. But in spite of this relatively late start, something just clicked. ‘I discovered my real passion, and I have not stopped since. I went out all night long, experimenting. I needed to do it – it quickly became something vital for me and I could not stop taking photographs.’

For Brulat, photography is about capturing humanity … ‘I want to understand why people groups and societies behave the way they do.

What shocked me with Immaculate was that this neighbourhood lived just for a system, and when at night there is no one to activate that system, it dies. There is absolutely no love, no happiness, no sadness. Just nothing.

I am fascinated by places where the beauty of human beings has gone.’

Metoda stiintifica pentru a intelege ceva e sa vezi ce se intampla cand dispare, si respectiv cand il pui acolo unde nu e. Pozele astea (autoportrete ale lui Brulat) par ca folosesc exact metoda stiintifica pentru a intelege umanitatea. Immaculate iti arata mediul urban in absenta oamenilor (doar cu “cadavrul” lui Brulat sau cu Brulat ramas ultimul om), iar in Primates Brulat este adaugat intr-un mediu natural virgin.


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