08 November 2010

Adrian Matejka - Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee is so small I didn't even
see him at first, surrounded

by Black Expo goers like a gumdrop
in a fist. When I asked him to sign

my "Free South Africa" t-shirt,
he said, You didn't buy that at this

booth. Fresh off seeing Do the Right
Thing, I crowed: "What's that got

to do with your movies?" His fans
laughed, so he edited me like my name

was Pino: Why you care? You
ain't even black.
Someone behind

me said, Damn, Spike. That ain't
But Spike's shamed scribble

on my t-shirt didn't change the missed
free throw feeling in my chest.

Mixology, Penguin Books 2009 [via Poetry Daily]